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Pageant fitness coaching with Walter Lewis

Personal fitness coaching with Walter LewisPersonal fitness coaching with Walter LewisPAGEANT FITNESS COACHING

As your pageant fitness coach, Walter Lewis Fitness Solutions LLC will design a customized exercise program to help you create perfect symmetry and an awesome physique. Whether you are competing in aerobic wear or swimsuit, your training will target specific areas that help get your body toned and look great on stage. In the end, you’ll have more confidence and a winning physique the judges will notice.

Do you feel uncomfortable exercising in a group setting, or have specific fitness goals you want to achieve? If so personal training may be for you.

One-on-one personal training with Walter consists of a customized exercise program to help you see quicker and more dramatic results.

During training, you are provided with motivation, support for positive lifestyle changes, and progressive exercise routines that help you reach you fitness goals.


60 Minute Session: $95

30 Minute Session: $50

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